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  • We help you tell your story.

    And how do we do that?


    We start with clients expressing a specific need like a new or updated website, collateral, or a social media campaign. Our thorough process starts with the end in mind as we help you develop a total strategic plan for optimal results.


    During the discovery process, we evaluate your current strategy and processes and determine what’s working well, where the gaps are and where the opportunities are. If you’re just starting, we provide foundational research to determine your best positioning in the marketplace. Pricing plans may be project based, structured as a retainer, or a special program tailored for your budget.

    Design & Develop

    Based on your vision, specific needs, marketing strategy and position, we design a framework and blueprint for your unique project. After you’ve signed off on the design, we determine the appropriate resources for each phase of the project. A detailed tactical plan is developed including activities, tools, methods, schedules, and budgets. Once all the goals & objectives have been addressed, our team presents your custom plan ready to implement.

    Implement & Manage

    Our service offerings are designed and developed to fit your specific needs, ranging from simple packages to complex projects. Whether it's Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, Social Media, Creative, Live Broadcasting, Corporate Trade Shows, Professional Development or all of the above, we craft a perfect plan, activate and manage it from start to finish.

    Monitor & Maintain

    People, processes and profits are often misaligned and lead to systemic problems. We pride ourselves in utilizing proprietary analytics and post assessment applications to properly measure your plan's results for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Bottom line, we continuously optimize your plan for success!

  • Services

    At ExpoSkill, we provide turnkey solutions for individuals as well as enterprise projects. We help with ideation, implementation and monitoring your brand, product, or service.

    Creative, Design & Branding

    Marketing & Broadcasting

    New Media & Digital Publishing

    Events & Live Experiences

    Audio / Video Production


    Professional Development

    Social Media Solutions


    Collaborative Workspace

  • Client Experiences...

    Read some of our Client Stories

    Helping children...

    For more than 30 years, Hugworks has been providing healing experiences for the special needs of hospitalized children of all ages through performing arts and media. When Hugworks began to explore the long term goals of their organization, they turned to the ExpoSkill leadership team to create a solution that would last for decades to come. The result is the Hugworks Children's Network. In addition to providing the technology platform to deliver the network across the globe, we are creating digital books, videos, animations, and games to engage children and provide quality entertainment to hospitals, schools, and families everywhere.




    women worldwide

    Mentoring Women’s Network is building a community of empowered women who are helping each other develop personally and professionally. There is a movement to have one million women pledge to support each other. The growing community of ambitious, driven, successful women is spreading Nationwide. Mentoring women launched in Dallas, TX on April 29 and ExpoSkill was there to visually capture the highlights.  



    Join the Movement

    Kim Andrews wanted to publish her book, but didn’t know where to start. The ExpoSkill team helped her develop a complete strategy to support her overall Vision. She now has a published book, dynamic website, products and a plan to foster a Global Red Circle movement.



  • The ExpoSkill Story

    ExpoSkill is the result of a mother and son and father and son meeting that evolved into an exciting joint venture to create a way for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and companies to get their stories heard. With a combined 130 years of corporate and individual business experience, we have the expertise to address your needs.  Also, we are powered by our "resource pool" of strategic partners and freelancers who help us in all mediums.


    At ExpoSkill, we take a personal interest in understanding your vision/goals and determining the most appropriate mediums to connect with your clients or audience. Rather than trying to piece together fragments of a plan, we create a holistic approach.


    Whether you want to develop or refresh your brand, publish your content or create custom programs and events, you can be assured that we will exceed your expectations with our signature guarantee of the highest quality, best value for the money and a fun experience!

    Jim Potter

    Chief Storyteller

    Jim Potter has been leading management teams, turn-arounds, and entrepreneurial ventures for over 40 years. Jim’s experience covers software, technology, health care, manufacturing, and industrial equipment. His passion for serving others and developing people is at the core of his success in building successful, profitable companies. Jim is a graduate of Texas Tech University and the SMU Graduate School - Dispute Resolution Program. Jim has been married to his childhood sweetheart for over 50 years, is a father to three and Chief to his seven grandchildren. 

    Kent Potter

    Creative & Brand Architect

    Kent Potter has been developing people, programs, and solutions to real world problems for over two decades. Kent held leadership roles at Solvay, Nortel Networks and McAfee before turning his attention to issues he faced as a parent to a child with Autism. Kent is the founder of AutismSpot.com, two technology companies, and a creative agency. As an award-winning filmmaker and photographer, Kent brings a unique mixture of creative solutions and corporate strategy to every engagement. Kent graduated from Baylor University and the Leading Change in Complex Organizations Executive Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He and his wife of eighteen years live in North Texas with their three children.

    Rita Bailey

    Strategist / Connector

    Rita Bailey has a passion for helping people succeed. After enjoying 25 years at Southwest Airlines, in several leadership roles, she became a published author, International speaker, executive coach and marketing strategist. Rita now spends her time helping entrepreneurs develop strategy and marketing plans, creating Executive Immersion programs and creating professional development digital content. Rita enjoys exploring innovative, creative ways to help people tell their story. Other interests include mentoring, initiatives for women and most of all hanging out with her extraordinary grandchildren.

    Michael Bailey

    Marketing Visionary

    Michael, Rita's only child, is a 20 year veteran of MarCom industry. After almost a decade of pursuing his passion in the music industry, he worked with several companies and agencies building various brands and experiential programs ranging from beverage to technology, big box retail to automotive and beauty to telecom. Now, he is focused on spending quality time raising his children and bringing his collective marketing skills to the entrepreneurial community.

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    ExpoSkill video for the Mentoring Women's Network.

    ExpoSkill crowdfunding video for Comadre.com

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    We are always looking for great talent and passionate service providers to work with us on various projects.  Whether a writer, voice over expert, publicist, art director, logo designer, web programmer, digital advertising creative, print producer, photographer or videographer or anything in between, we have opportunities for you to grow your business and revenue!